Želite trbušnjake kao Džej Lo? Evo šta treba da radite (video)

Jasno je da je Džej Lo kao vino, što starija, to još bolje izgleda. Kako joj to uspeva a ima već 49 godina?

Tajna njenog savršenog izgleda jeste vežbanje. Trbušnjake održava vežbama koje možete pogledati na snimku:

Ona i njen dečko Aleks Rodrigez zajedno rade na sebi.

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Getting ready for tonight’s epic finale with the same energy as if it was opening night. . Full speed is the only speed @jlo knows, and that’s one reason why she inspires so many people around the world. Tonight she completes a wild Vegas journey of 120 shows over a record-breaking 3-year residency. . #AllIHave isn’t just the name of the show, it’s what she has given to her audiences every single night. That’s what makes her great. When she hits the stage, the audience gets her best effort. That was true on her first performance, will be true tonight and it has been that way every show in between. She is working as hard today as she does every day and it’s amazing to watch. . Can’t wait to celebrate with the tremendously talented cast and crew that has gone through so much together to create an unforgettable experience for so many people. #jlovegas #finalshow

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