Heroj ulice: Besplatno ulepšava beskućnike (foto, video)

Frizer Džoš Kumbs postao je pravi “nacionalni junak” i  jedan od najpoznatijih ljudi u Londonu po tome što već godinu dana besplatno pruža svoje usluge beskućnicima u “najvećem salonu na svetu” – svim britanske prestonice.

Ovaj ulični frizer, humanista ima 29 godina i ispunjava želje nesrećnima i siromašnima, tretirajući ih pritom kao ljude visokog staleža.

On im pravi moderne frizure, a muškarcima sređuje i brade, i to sve čini javno, na sred ulica ovog grada, prenosi BBC.

Sometimes, after a day of cutting on the street, I'm overwhelmed with emotion. The stories I hear can be powerful and include some events that I might not mention when posting, to keep some privacy for my street clients. I think about the people I meet when I'm on my way home, it's hard, my heart feels heavy. Compassion can hurt, it's not easy to understand the root causes of why somebody is in a bad place in their life, but I'll always try. When you make that connection with somebody, it all becomes worth it. #DoSomethingForNothing || 📷 @laurentdemartini

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Kako se navodi, fotografije postignutih rezultata postavlja na instagram i već ima na hiljade pratilaca.

Prema njegovim rečima, pomoć koju pruža deo je kampanje koju je pokrenuo sa svojim prijateljima, pod nazivom “Uradi nešto za ništa”.

@DoSomethingForNothing || This is Paul, He's been homeless in and off for years now. Paul was in tears at more than one point during his haircut. He told us he was violently attacked hours before we bumped into him, because he threw himself on top of a friend to protect him from a beating. He took it instead. We could see his legs, hands and head were extremely sore and bruised from where he had been repeatedly hit with bottles. In this moment I believe Paul's willingness to defend a friend means he's probably out classed most of us. Profoundly moving. You can't fix everyone. But for the time we are with them we can listen, we can hear their story, we can love them, we can be bringers of compassion and dignity. Paul's haircut made him happy, I could feel his appreciation as we embraced at the end. Myself, @daveburt & @mattspracklen left him smiling. I told him I've he's hairdresser now and that he'll see us all again soon. Share your own stories on #DoSomethingForNothing – you might not be able to cut hair, but you can use your time and your own skills to make a difference to one person.

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Cilj je ohrabrenje i podsticanje ljudi da na svaki mogući način pomažu drugima, što veruje da će biti postignuto.


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