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Samo za muške oči: Seksi devojke i njihove prelepe mace (foto)

Teško da ćete zadržati pogled na kućnom ljubimcu.

Radi se o devojkama koje se rado slikaju sa svojim macama, a slike objavljuju na Instagramu.

Alexis and Claude in Crown Heights for #girlsandtheircats @alexischarleyann "I got Mr. Claude in 2008 from a shelter when he was about 3 months old. As the other cats meowed and fought for attention, he sat quietly in the corner shivering. They informed me that he may be suffering from cat laryngitis and may never meow. They tried to push "healthier" kittens on me, but he was the one that wanted. To this day, he still does not meow. Mr. Claude is by far my best friend. He has traveled from Florida to NYC with me, has seen me through many breakups and job failures. And in July 2013, probably the hottest summer I have ever experienced, I helped him recover from "death's grip." At the time I was living in the Lower East Side in a 5 story walk up with no a/c unit – it’s no joke, heat literally rises. Mr. Claude had been acting kind of sluggish. I blamed it on the record breaking heat and my recent change in relationship status. My boyfriend of about 4 years moved out earlier that week and I thought, like a great friend that he was, Mr. Claude was mimicking my displays of heartache. We would lie lethargically on the couch together, when I cried he would hollow too. I did not become concerned until I realized that he was not drinking his water and there was blood in his litter box. Worried that he was severely dehydrated, I decided to try and force feed him pedialyte through a bottle. This was a bad idea – Mr. Claude let out a painstaking cry and passed out. Horrified, I hailed a cab 11 blocks to The Village Veterinarian. The Vet informed me that Mr. Claude’s bladder had exploded due to a large kidney stone that was preventing him from peeing. The Vet said it was possible that he may die. I lost my shit and hysterically begged the Vet to save him. I never thought I'd ever find myself in the position of agreeing to a $2,500 life-saving “sex change” for my cat, but the thought of possibly losing my buddy was absolutely unfathomable. Long story short, after weeks at the Vet, Mr. Claude recovered gracefully. My friends now joke and call him Miss Claudette." All photos by BriAnne Wills #adoptdontshop #catlady #catlover #lifesaver #catsofinstagram #catmom

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Ima i onih koje na sebi nemaju nijednu krpicu, a pa tako često skreću pažnju sa svojih prelepih ljubimaca.

Lorraine with Cosey and Fanni in Greenpoint @lsangre "I’ve loved, identified with, and incessantly gushed over cats my whole life but was never able to have one of my own. A few years ago I was finally living alone and ready to care for another living creature. I’d long held the idea that I wanted a boy cat. Many friends’ cats throughout the years were boys and so I already favored them and in my own life I get along better with males. I always wanted a cat of a particular aesthetic- striped and wild looking. So from the moment I saw this group of kittens I knew someone from their family was to be mine. This little energetic babe immediately came running up to me and curled into a little ball on my lap. I was told it was a boy; he was adorable, affectionate and that seemed to be that. Then I notice this petite little angel walking away from me completely unbothered. Noting my indecision the adoption people tried to sell me on them both. They made a strong case for two-cat households (they’ll have each other to play with/not be lonely/your furniture will suffer less as a result). So I was convinced I’d get a boy and a girl. As they are preparing the paperwork I hear a whispering amongst the ladies- turns out the’d been mistaken and both kittens were girls. These little witches tricked me! It was too late to conceive of a life without either of them. Cosey is the alpha butch athletic tomboy who was mistaken for a he initially. True to her name, she will cozy up on my lap, dart herself in front of you as you are walking to assure you cannot deny her a pet, and generally requires a lot of a lot of affection. Fanni is still the mostly unaffected sweet ingenue princess who prefers to do her own thing unless she feels like indulging you in her presence. They have such distinct personalities and ways about them, I often say they are “people” but they’re actually better! No matter what mischievous activities they get in to, or how much their cat hair disrupts my mostly black wardrobe, or even the reality that I’m allergic to their dander; they have showed me what it is to care for another being and my love for them is boundless and eternal."

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