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Najseksi baka sveta otkrila tajnu svog izgleda (foto)

Žena čiji je nadimak ‘najseksi baka sveta’ otkrila je tajnu svog mladolikog izgleda – seanse krioterapije s temperaturama nižim od 110 Celzijusa.

Australijanka Đina Stjuart, kaže kako ti trominutni tretmani ‘teraju’ bore s njenog lica i pomažu joj u podmlađivanju.

Majka dve ćerke i dva sina, kao i baka, ranije je postala poznata kada je na takmičenju za Miss Maxim Australia 2018. pobedila upola mlađe devojke.

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March 2020 and I feel like I’m living in a science fiction movie . The world is in lockdown , quarantine, many countries can only go to the supermarket to buy food. Here in Australia we can still go shopping to buy whatever we want. Schools are still open with an option now to keep your kids at home. I can go out for a takeaway meal or coffee, buy clothes , get my hair done . It feels like we are the last country on earth . Even our closest neighbours New Zealand are in total home Quarantine, lockdown. We are still waiting to see if our government will commit to a full scale lockdown . Time will tell , so I am opting to spend time at home . I hope you all stay safe , get sunshine at home in your back garden and eat healthy as much as possible. Time to look after ourselves and our families and be grateful for every moment that we have together. ❤️

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– Retko mi ko veruje kada kažem koliko sam stara, a sigurna sam da mi krioterapija pomaže u tome – prenosi The Sun.

Botoks ne želi koristiti jer se boji igle, a svojim tajnim beauty oružjem naziva ulje šipurka.

Nastoji da izbegava alkohol i kafu i provodi dijetu bogatu proteinima.

– Kad sam bila mlađa mogla sam jesti koliko sam htela i što god sam htela, ali sada ipak pazim jer se sve ‘prima’.

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I call on the Australian government to close the schools . As a mother I care for the well-being of my 6 year old daughter Summer-Jade and I have to make informed decisions . That includes do I continue to send her to school amid the Coronavirus outbreak ? The schools in Australia are still open as Coronavirus continues to spread . I have to ask does closing schools slow the spread of coronavirus? Well I have been doing some research and it looks like this is the case. Proactive school closures—closing schools before there’s a case have been shown to be one of the most powerful nonpharmaceutical interventions that we can deploy. It’s not just about keeping the kids safe. It’s keeping the whole community safe. When you close the schools you reduce the mixing of the adults—parents dropping off at the school, the teachers being present. When you close the schools, you effectively require the parents to stay home. There was a wonderful paper published that analyzed data regarding the Spanish flu in 1918, examining proactive versus reactive school closures. When [regional] authorities close the schools relative to when the epidemic was spiking? What they found was that proactive school closing saved substantial numbers of lives. St. Louis closed the schools about a day in advance of the epidemic spiking, for 143 days. Pittsburgh closed 7 days after the peak and only for 53 days. And the death rate for the epidemic in St. Louis was roughly one-third as high as in Pittsburgh. These things work. It’s on record and historical fact . It’s only a matter of time before they close the schools ,let’s do it now and save lives . If there is an outbreak in your school, would you advocate for closing the school? If the epidemic is occurring around your school, you know that it is going to strike the school. And so if you’re prepared to close the school when it arrives at your school, it makes much more sense to close when it is near the school. Australians are told to social distance/ keep a metre away from each other but yet still send our kids to school ? Children in other nations have already stopped going. Surely schools shoul

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Gina je samohrana majka četvoro dece, a presrećna je što je postala i baka.

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