At the beginning of 1999, using the local websites’ catalogs was the only way one could access the information from Yugoslav Internet. It is exactly this situation that had led to an idea of creating a website where any information available on Yugoslav websites could be found easily.

As a result, Krstarica (in English: Cruiser) was founded in March 1999 by Ivan Petrovic, as a result of Ivan’ hobby during a pursuit of a university degree in information systems. A number of people started visiting this website. Their satisfaction with it had quickly spread through the word of mouth and, after only a few months, Krstarica became the most visited Yugoslav website.

With time, Krstarica developed from a search engine into a comprehensive web portal representing a starting point for any Internet-related activity in Serbia, which has changed the way in which information is communicated, accessed, and exchanged.

Today, Krstarica is the largest Internet community in Serbia.

Consistency regarding its goals has always represented Krstarica’s quality: the company is continuously focused on making its products and services user friendly (even to those who are complete beginners in the Internet world) and to offering to its users the best from the Internet, so that their wants and needs are satisfied to the maximum extent.

Our mission and strategy

Krstarica’s mission is to connect people throughout the world in order to enable their easier and faster communication and discussion, encourage their interest and improve learning.

Krstarica offers to its users an exceptional Internet experience through a wide spectrum of services, including a possibility to access the rich content and use the most developed technologies.

Owing to its unique Internet technology and services, Krstarica provides the best possible quality of services to both individuals and companies.

What do we do?

Communication: Krstarica provides communication services such as Forum and Chat. These services enable our users to contact their friends, family members and business partners any time, no matter which part of the world they are in. Krstarica brings people closer to each other!

Forum is a message board / online discussion site which allows the visitors a complete freedom to choose topics they want to discuss with other visitors (within a generally accepted Internet etiquette). Forum is what Krstarica is probably most recognised for in the country and the Balkan region. It was through this platform that Krstarica became the first to introduce the online interactive model that enabled freedom of expression and information in Serbia. Since its creation, Forum has had over 33 million posted messages, which makes it the largest forum in Serbia.

Content: The following content is available on Krstarica and constantly updated:

  • News and service information: Daily headlines classified according to categories; business information; an overview of cultural events; weather forecast; currency rates list; TV programme…
  • Entertainment: The Life, unique on the local Internet market when it comes to comprehensiveness and diversity of its content, which among others includes Movies, Music, Games, jokes, cooking recipes, astrology…
  • Education: A diverse and always up-to-date catalog comprising international and local websites grouped into themes; Dictionary; a section devoted to health; sections „Travel“, „Did you know“, „Thoughts of the famous“, „This is what happened on today’s day“…

Search: According to magazines „Mikro – PC World“, „PC Press“, „Svet kompjutera“ and „Digital!“, Krstarica is the best search engine in Serbia. Krstarica Search enables its visitors to find on the Internet everything they need.

Advertising: As a popular website in Serbia, Krstarica is visited by more then a million people each month and is equally popular with local and international companies. Krstarica offers efficient marketing solutions for all types of business. Given the high popularity of Krstarica and the number of the Internet users who can read about your company on our website, placing your advertisement on Krstarica can attract a wide yet targeted population and thus bring you a competitive publicity.

What makes us different from others?

Krstarica’s team constantly works on technology improvement and content development in order to offer to its visitors the most valuable and up-to-date information. User satisfaction is most important to us, hence every suggestion, observation or comment you have are taken into account.