Branislav Bubanja, „PC“ Magazine, February 2001 ”Krstarica is, without a doubt, the best of all Yugoslav search engines – In the test we performed, Krstarica was the only search engine that delivered results for all the search queries made. It was also the only one to include in its search the websites written in Cyrillic, as well as to present the search results in the form of categories, websites and webpages.

Krstarica is a genuine web portal (a starting place for all your daily Internet activities) from Yugoslavia. Last year, it had 1.8 million page views per month, which shows its increasing and already very high popularity with the Internet users.“

Dejan Ristanovic, Voja Gasic, „PC“ Magazine, December 2000 „Krstarica remains to be a website to appraise. Besides a search engine, it also provides up-to-date information about different issues. This information is sourced elsewhere on the Internet and presented on the Krstarica portal. Moreover, its online journal “Magazine” offers a variety of interesting articles classified into 17 thematic categories.

We have a pleasure to inform you that editors of PC magazine included Krstarica in the list of Top 50 Yugoslav websites.“

Magazine „Gamer“, 4th May 2000 „Krstarica is one of the best Yugoslav search engines. Not only does it have the highest number of indexed pages, but it also offers a rich content so visiting its website is much more then conducting just a routine search. Krstarica is a place where everyone can find information they need.

We strongly recommend that you set Krstarica as your browser’s Home page.“

Dragan Varagic, magazine „Internet ogledalo“, April 2000 „The content that Krstarica offers in addition to the search option is similar to that of world-known websites of such a kind. This is not surprising – following its development so far, Krstarica could easily become a Yugoslav web portal (a website where any Internet related activity starts from).

One of the reasons for Krstarica’s popularity is quality of links it offers to different parts of its website, thus enabling the users to easily access the information of their interest.

Krstarica has set new standards in the Yugoslav Internet search market…”

Dejan Ristanovic, „PC“ Magazine, December 1999 „I am pleased to inform you that editors of the PC magazine have included your (Krstarica) website in the list of Top 50 Yugoslav Websites.“
Dragan Varagic, „PCTV“ program, 10th September 1999 “Apart from a special way of indexing, another main difference between Krstarica and all other Yugoslav search engines is in the content of indexing: it is not Krstarica’s Home Page that is indexed but each of its web pages separately. This enables a user to have a direct access to each of the web pages containing a particular topic of interest.

We suggest that you use Krstarica for accessing the Yugoslav websites.“

Miodrag Kuzmanovic, „NIN“ magazine, 9th September 1999 “Recently the Yugoslav market witnessed the appearance of a new search engine, Krstarica ( This search engine contains more then 30,000 URLs which makes it very powerful. For example, it found the word “Beograd” on more then 5000 websites (in comparison to a few hundred websites offered by other Yugoslav search engines). A particularly useful feature of Krstarica is that it supports Cyrillic as well as Yugoslav Latin letters with ‘clasps’ (š, č, ć, ž, đ), which automatically increases the number of search results it can bring.“
Milan Milicic, „Hi-Tech“ program, August 1999 „Krstarica is a website that should have been presented to you earlier. In our test, not only did it find the words we were looking for, but also the number of search results it brought was much higher than that of all Yugoslav search engines together.

A particularly interesting feature of Krstarica is a possibility to do the search in Cyrillics. We like this feature very much because a very few search engines offer such a possibility.

Krstarica offers a huge amount of information yet it is very clear and simple to use. This website is thus attractive for both beginners and experienced Internet users.”

„Svet kompjutera“ (Computer World) magazine, June 1999 „Generally speaking, we cannot be satisfied with the quality of our search engines. The only exception is Krstarica which without doubt deserves the top place of the list of Yugoslav search engines! In the test we performed, Krstarica was the only search engine that found all the words we were searching for. Needless to say, the number of the search results it delivered was ten times higher than that of all other search engines we tested!

It therefore seems logical to consider Krstarica as second-to-none.“

Take a look at what Krstarica’s visitors have said…

Uros Lalicki, Belgrade „Krstarica is fantastic, especially for it is one of the first Serbian web sites written in Cyrillic! This way it presents a great contribution to the preservation of Serbian cultural identity.“
Ranko Cajic, Canada „Magazine (Headlines) is excellent and professional! Your sources are accurate and, most importantly, up to date… We’ll continue reading Headlines.“
Miroslav Vranes „I really like it (Krstarica), because you don’t have to wait for the results as long as you do when using other search engines. But what impressed me the most is, the Cyrillic version! Rarely any of the web sites offers that kind of service!“
Aco Dragicevic, Sweden „My evenings begin with you. You help me save an incredible amount of time. If you didn’t exist, after a long, tiring day I would have to make additional effort – browse through the mass of information – to learn about what’s happening in my home country. Instead, owing to you, I can ‘cruise’ through the old town easily! That should be welcome.

Your work helps me a lot and I really appreciate it.“

Igor Conic „Congratulations for Krstarica’s successful putting out to the Internet’s sea! It is definitely the best search engine in Yugoslavia. It only needs an algorithm to remove duplicate entries in the search results.“
Tanja R. „You save our time. We easily access the information and have fun at the same time!

Thank you for your existence. You’ll be a real ‘aspirin’ for people living and working abroad.“

Mladen Durutovic, Belgrade „As a webmaster, I would like to stress that you made a fantastic and highly professional Yugoslav search engine. I recommend it to everyone and proudly introduced it on my site. I wish you success in the future – to be even more successful than you’ve been so far.“
Budo Vucinic, Belgrade „Finally something smart, simple, user-friendly, understandable and available to everyone – including those who are not computer experts.

Thanks for the effort you have made. We’re expecting even more intelligent solutions.“

Dusan Petronijevic, Detroit „You save my precious time in distant USA… Time we are side by side with other good search engines has finally come, owing to you.“
Aleksandar Bulajic „Time to make something such as Krstarica has come eventually. I praise it.“
Ranci & Arma „It (Krstarica) is a great thing. It looks like you waked us up, so now we know what’s going on before and after our sleep. You’ve opened a window for us! Thank you.

We feel a breeze and freshness of your fine and truthful forecasts. Go on bravely, for it can be just better and better.“

Vladimir Kapor, Pancevo „Most of my time on the Internet I spend with the Krstarica. You are definitely the best.“
Branislav Djakovic, Uzice „Krstarica – great, handy and available to everyone.“
Damjan Janicijevic, Belgrade „Surely our best search engine, and side by side by those in the world. Now I can find in one place everything I need.“
Diana, New Jersey „I like your site very much. Just continue like that and stay the number one forever.“
Marko Nikolic „Finally a Yugoslav search engine that is as professional as the best ones in the World.“
Anastasija, Vrsac „Not only it (Krstarica) makes it very easy for me to find everything I want on the web, but it is very original as well. I wish it continues like that.“
Dejan Vukic, Bar „I am very pleased we have such a site that enables us to find everything we’re interested in. I hope it will continue to grow and even improve – for all the Serbs, both in Yugoslavia and around the World.

Thank you, people who have made Krstarica.“

Adam Periskic, Sombor „As an administrator of „Interteka“ (the Internet cafe in Sombor), I’m often asked how to find something on the YU Internet. Some people ask me how to do it if you don’t speak English… My answer is, of course: through Krstarica. Why? Because in the YU Internet market there is no such a site that could compare to yours. You’re second to none.“
Duca „I cross my fingers for this site. It’s really great!“
Sinisa Georgijevic „You are superb! I visit you every day.“
Goran Stamenovic „A brilliant web site! Congratulations! Keep going, I’m trilled.“
Mihajlo Bojadzijevic „I like it a lot. It’s excellent! I’m a relatively new user with little experience. The site’s justified my expectancies.“
Petar Lasic „I am pleasantly surprised with Krstarica and it’s functioning. It is handy, fast, understandable and user-friendly, providing so many information!“
Dr. M.Zirovic „I am delighted that I’ve discovered you and pleased to see the information you offer. For us, who love our Serbia but live abroad, this is a gift. Thank you very much!“
Mirjana Stanisic „You are simply fantastic.“
Malidza Goran „Krstarica is on the world’s best search engines level.“
Milena Janic „Finally an entirely domestic search engine, with extremely useful and, above all, up-to-date information! Congratulations! Special credit to the dictionaries, a fabulous idea! Keep going…“
Petar Mitrovic „People – you are great! You’re like Yahoo, with excellent design and plenty of interesting and important information…“
Charlie, Stockholm „You’re very professional and comprehensive, with international quality. I keep my fingers crossed for your future.“
Igor, Belgrade „Simply the best Yugoslav site. Everything is available in one place, quickly and easy. Just keep on like that.“